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OpenVision is an independent, organizational improvement consultancy group that provides guidance for employees of IT-organizations. Main focus of activities include the comprises the delivery of courses and the provision of consultancy to complete solution implementation. OpenVision works together with several leading companies that operate in the segment of IT and IT-service provision.


“To deliver quality in what we are doing, in accordance with our customers”

The first part of the mission defines that OpenVision wants to deliver a top quality performance in everything they are doing; whether it concerns consultancy or the provision of courses. The second part of the mission expresses that OpenVision doesn't’t necessarily knows better than its customers, but that trainers and consultants aim to generate different ways of working and modes of conduct within customer organizations. The mission statement is supported by a corporate culture that strives for excellence.


In our point of view the only way to compete for the future is to focus on effectiveness rather than efficiency. With worldwide competition and the never-ending continuous introduction of new technologies; creating and sustaining competitive advantage is increasingly becoming more important. Since only one or two organizations can become cost leaders in their business, gaining added value by an effective operation of IT is more important than ever.

That is why, unlike most competitors, OpenVision tries to distinguish itself via a clear choice to focus on operational excellence and customer intimacy. Quality in the end is all that counts. We do not strive to be cost leader since we firmly believe that this inevitably leads to more attention being paid to internal cost control rather than satisfying the customers' requirements.

Strategic Assumptions

To meet the objectives, OpenVision outlined several strategic assumptions:
OpenVision chooses to take a position as a value added service provider for (IT) organizations. Employees are experienced managers, consultants, trainers and, overall, certified and highly experienced professionals.
Innovation, improvement and renewal of IT-management concepts, as well as delivered courses, consultancy and its content are crucial for OpenVision.

Standards of personnel. To adhere to the objective only certified employees with several years of experience, as a professional trainer and consultant, with his or her both feet firmly on the ground are employed.


To comply with the strategic assumptions OpenVision adheres to the following tactical choices:

  • Deliver high quality courses and consultancy
  • Adapt where necessary without sacrificing quality
  • Always keep in mind that we deal with people
  • Provide end-to-end solutions when requested

Deliver high quality courses and consultancy

OpenVision strives to deliver courses with high quality content and a high quality delivery. To this end, OpenVision ensures that its trainers and consultants are fully certified and well-trained, and that the material used is up-to-date and accredited. EXIN recommendations, requirements and guidelines are adhered to.

Adapt where necessary without sacrificing quality

Customized courses are conducted when required. Custom developed and tailor-made courses and delivery is possible, provided the content and overall course quality still adheres to the highest standards and complies with EXIN requirements and guidelines.

Always keep in mind that we deal with people

OpenVision always keeps in mind that people are prone to errors and also that existing processes can be optimized. OpenVision will communicate such advisories and optimizations to the customer(s) to ensure that not only students learn from and remember the course(s) delivered, but also that the customer(s) organization is optimized.

Provide end-to-end solutions when requested

When requested, OpenVision takes on the responsibility for further optimizing Business and IT processes. To this end employees must have several years of experience working as a consultant or manager within IT-environments. They also need to have both feet firmly on the ground.